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The vast Patagonian steppes, in search for the elusive Puma, patrol the coast waiting for Orca to make their move on Sea Lions, and Elephant seals. Ride a horse, or trek to the top of a cliff for a very close look at condors and eagles. Magnificent landscapes are not optional. They cannot be hidden!
Ride a boat to see Commerson’s an Dusky dolphins, Southern Right whales, and pelagic birds.

The flooded plains of Pantanal, its large rivers to find Jaguar, the largest cat in the American continent, Giant Otter, Tapir, Giant Anteater and a couple of hundred species of birds

Atacama region, for an incredible journey into the volcano surrounded plateaus, its salt lakes, geysers, and also, the coastal area, where the Humboldt current creates a super highway for Marine mammals and birds.

The savannas of Africa, in search of leopard, cheetah, lions, rhino. There are just some of the amazing species of the continent.
India, for its birdlife, its culture, and also, the possibility of searching for Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger on the same trip!

Apart from the photo trips, Jorge’s knowledge of the different species, will make it easier for you to capture not only the animal itself, but it behavior, the animal action.

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